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HS57 MIL-H-81581 Breathing Oxygen Hose

HS57 MIL-H-81581 Breathing Oxygen Hose

Product Code: HS57

Product Notes

 This series hose was developed to meet demanding military breathing oxygen applications. Smooth bore inside with sturdy anti-kink spring built into the wall of the hose, not obstructing flow.

With specially molded outside elastomers, this series is used for aircrew breathing applications where chemical threats exist. Fully tested in live agent environment, this is the only chemical/biological protected non-life limited hose material available in the industry today. Communications cable and connectors are made integral for most military applications.

With or without the special outside cover, this series is used extensively in liquid electronic cooling applications because of the ability to withstand bending and crushing loads without kinking or collapsing. The hose can literally be tied in a knot without effecting its flow capabilities.

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